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Other than English keyboard layout?

Do you have an English keyboard? Well, you can probably skip this post, unless you are doing very international stuff. The following are my experiences with various flavors of Ubuntu. Normally the keyboard is selected during the installation. However, if … Continue reading

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Another nice Linux blog has nice tricks for technical user. Unfortunately a bit silent recently, but nice posts in the past, which are still interesting to read.

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udisks tells everything about disks

If you wonder any kind of technical detail of you disk drives (magnetical, optical or also USB mass storage) in Linux udisk is your friend. The command udisks –dump tells a lot. Technically udisks is not Linux (as in kernel), … Continue reading

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Watching how upstart works

Intructions how to turn upstart’s logging. For debugging or just for the curious user who likes to understand how things work. Continue reading

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