server4you — experiences after 2 days

I ordered a virtual root server. My goal was just to get a machine that is always running and do various experimenting. I don’t expect much traffic and don’t need much resources. So I chose server4you, which was the cheapest offer I could find. Basically 54 EUR for the first year. And you need to remember to cancel the contract after 9 months in writing, if you don’t want to pay the double price for the next year.

Of course you get what you pay for. So for (one of) the cheapest on the market, I somehow expected some surprises. Additionally if somebody makes business with such an aggressive marketing and such price level, I’d always expect some strings attached. So I felt more comfortable to do business with a German company than e.g. with an American one, because German happens to be my mother tongue.

So ordering the server from was somewhat more complicated than necessary. The German pages didn’t allow to enter any address outside Germany. Finally I managed to do so by changing the language to English. The other unpleasant feeling came from the fact that they have mandatory fields in their order form, which according to German law they are not allowed to ask (According to German law you are only allowed to ask data necessary to do the business in question)

There was no confirmation of the the contract sent by email. I would not call this good way to do business.

After 15 minutes or so I received an email that my server had been configured. Well, that was quick. But they hadn’t even asked me what operating system I wanted. Weird. And the email did not contain the address of the server. Even weirder. I waited another 15 minutes and then I got the idea that I could try to login to my account on their web site (you need to choose a user name and password during ordering)

Well, it didn’t let me in. Ok, maybe the database is just not updated yet. After 2 more hours it still didn’t let me in. Oh, they even have a free support hotline. (A toll free number in Germany, which you can reach fro free using Skype even from outside of Germany. Not sure whether they would serve you in any other language than German there.) They answered in less than a minute. Well, the only idea they had was wrong password. So they recommended to use the reset password functionality. Thanks and goodbye!

Hmm, but the resend password functionality claims that my user name is unknown. Another call to the hotline, another quick answer and some deeper investigations this time. Ahh, they have 2 different systems. and And because I had to make my order in English, they had obviously created my server in the dot net system, although I had never entered that URL (and hadn’t even known that it existed)

Logging in to the dot net server, and yes, it works. Well, some unnecessary hassle, but quick and free customer service that actually solved the problem. That’s clearly better than average these days.

The first message when logging in: Your server has not yet been installed. Ahh, that’s how they got the server ready so quickly without even asking me about the OS.

Searching around a bit how things work and installing a minimal debian system.

After a couple of minutes I can log in. OK it’s really quite slim, only 160 packages and 426 MB of data. Nice to see such a clean system.

Se let’s see what it is. Configuration file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debian.list tells me it is etch. Oh yeah, could be newer. And the sources file is not updated, the German mirror specified there has no etch repositories anymore. Well, I can update it myself. And indeed, the installation is pretty out of date, apt-get dist-upgrade pulls in 45 upgrades (out of 160 installed). And I guess etch hasn’t got many updates recently.

So how do I upgrade this beast to lenny? Ok debian has really good release notes. Hmm, the kernel. That was said in server4you’s FAQ, you can’t change the kernel of the virtual server. What kernel do I have? 2.6.9. Whaaat? I couldn’t even parse that number. we are at 2.6.35 these days. Ubuntu Hardy 08.04 LTS uses 2.6.28 and that sounds already very old to me. 2.6.9 is from October 2004!!! Googling a bit for the full string 2.6.9-023stab052.4 leads to Ahh, this is actually a rather recent version of the RHEL 4 kernel. Welcome to the real (slow) world of enterprise computing???

Anyway lenny seems to require only 2.6.8 or higher, I should be on the safe side. So updating sources.list to lenny, apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade. And now a reboot. Yes!!! It works.

In conclusion the feelings are mixed. Why do they provide such an old etch system even with non-functional sources.list configuration? But if you know how, you can relatively quickly upgrade it. Maybe they do that only that you can feel good over your own achievements… But definitely not the right choice for somebody who doesn’t want to repair and upgrade the system on day 1.

This posting is already too long, but there is one more story. The firewall. You can configure it from the management interface in the web. (Which will also apply the settings after reboot. Even though this nice feature is again undocumented) But to make a long story short, their web console is broken. The help in the web console tells how it opens outgoing connections if you have blocked incoming ones. But even if the help tells you how it does it, the implementation just doesn’t do it. Yet another call to the support. Quick answer again. But he knows nothing about firewalls, needs to connect to a colleague. After 5-7 minutes of waiting somebody seems to know something about firewalls. Well, yes it’s broken he admits after a while. He’ll pass it on to the development department.

Summary: It’s cheap. (Well if they didn’t manage to cheat me and I only pay what I expect). The user (or should I say admin) guidance could be better. Debian etch is a bit too old, especially such a broken configuration that you cannot install security updates right away. The kernel base version is extremely old, but maybe that’s common industry standard? The firewall configuration has a bug, wonder why a new customer finds that after a couple of hours. The free customer support worked much better for me so far than with many other companies (even those with generally good reputation)


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I'm a software guy and intend to write down my own miscellaneous learnings here instead of on some papers, which I don't find again. Let's see how that goes. I work mainly with Linux.
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8 Responses to server4you — experiences after 2 days

  1. Victor says:

    Any news from server4you?
    What is your opinion now, after some months working with them?
    I am looking to but a virtual server from them too but after i google some info about them.
    Please reply.
    Thank you.

  2. usrmisc says:

    As a matter of fact they managed to cheat me. Only a couple of Euros, but still, clearly illegal business practices. Although in their terms and conditions they say that only the German version is the only binding one, they use 2 different price lists. The German one is cheaper (and legal). The English one looks like the prices would be equal. But the English list contains nasty footnotes, which are illegal according to German consumer law. And surprise surprise, customers from abroad will be billed according to illegal notes appearing in the English list. So those customers end up paying more. They just rely on the fact that nobody from abroad will sue them. With German customers they don’t dare to do that.

    After having some lengthy discussions with them I came to the conclusion: They have just dirty business practices, no respect for the customer and not even for the law.
    They just want your credit card number and then they play their dirty tricks.

    There are many other stories in the net, that support this impression how thier business works. Their prices are aggressively low. But they also have very aggressive tricks to charge you more than what their advertisements tell. Try to resist the temptation to go for this cheap option. In the long term it will not be that cheap.

    Also read the terms very carefully. They deliver you a completely insecure system. But they make you responsible for the security of it. If you cannot make it completely secure and somebody breaks in, you end up paying for the traffic. Don’t expect any flexibility on their side. They are just waiting for it. It’s part of their business model to charge you for whatever happens.

    It’s a bit like Ryanair. Sell a flight ticket to London for 10 Euros. And on top of that tempting price charge the customer up to 50 Euros for a bag plus 40 Euros for a forgotten boarding pass. With the difference that Ryanair’s practices (at least not the mentioned ones) are not as clearly illegal as the ones of server4you.

  3. torsudlor says:

    Fortunately, I find here.

  4. Eik says:

    A good adwise : avoid Server4you
    I confirm that server4you has a very poor service, bad performances and very confusing admin interfaces.
    Which makes it much more expensive that it seems at first glance.
    After this bad experience, I had a lot of problems to cancel a server at the end of the prepaid period.

  5. Anders Hyldig says:

    A good adwise: do not avoid Server4You
    I confirm that server4you has very good service, good performances and very user-friendly admin interface.
    Which makes it much more inexpensive than it seems at first glance.
    After this good experience, I have had no problems what so ever to cancel a server at the end of the prepaid period.

    True story by the way.

  6. Alan Potter says:

    I’ve been a server4you customer for 4 years now (dedicated server) … All’s been great, minor downtime which was declared via email and was due to system maintenance. I didn’t need any support from them. It’s cheap and hiccups are expected but none so far.
    I had to cancel my current contract/server and upgrade to a more powerful system. The procedure took only 24 hours.. so, all in all – my experience has been good so far. Hope it stays this way.

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  8. usrmisc says:

    server4you still seems to raise quite some interest, I receive more and more comments. However, I have not done any business with them for 2 years. I doubt that they have improved their business practices, but I really don’t know. So please consider the discussion closed on this blog. I will not approve any further comments. I bet there must be places on the web with more current information on the same topic.

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