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I'm a software guy and intend to write down my own miscellaneous learnings here instead of on some papers, which I don't find again. Let's see how that goes. I work mainly with Linux.

Locking out the crackers

A lot of crackers have their scripts and probably also botnets running to break in into machines listening on the internet via more or less known vulnerabilites and trivial passwords. I recently happend to see 2 standard Linux tools to … Continue reading

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Linux sessions, process groups, processes, threads and the ps command

I don’t want to repeat the description how sessions, process groups, processes and threads all hang together in Linux. This description is pretty clear, there are plenty of others on the net. I keep forgetting what’s the main feature of … Continue reading

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Integer sizes in C on 32 bit and 64 bit Linux

Q: How big is an int, long int etc. in C? A: It depends. (The standard leaves it completely up to the compiler, which also means the same compiler can make it depend on options and target architecture.) In practice … Continue reading

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Converting Epoch

It shouldn’t be big news that Linux (like Unix) uses Epoch as its internal calendar. Epoch is number of seconds since Jan 1, 1970 00:00 GMT. Wikipedia can tell more. The problem is just that as a humam it is … Continue reading

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Access control lists in Linux

Well, I have seem them some 20 years ago in AIX. Access control lists (ACLs) for Unix/Linux files. At least they existed, but I have never seen them used. I have used Linux for quite some while and it has … Continue reading

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server4you — experiences after 2 days

I ordered a virtual root server. My goal was just to get a machine that is always running and do various experimenting. I don’t expect much traffic and don’t need much resources. So I chose server4you, which was the cheapest … Continue reading

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Solving a Dragon video player problem

When Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 LTS came out recently I finally decided to give KDE a try and installed Kubuntu. One of the nice features for the newcomer (and probably everybody else who can use a keyboard and is tired of … Continue reading

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