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Linux sessions, process groups, processes, threads and the ps command

I don’t want to repeat the description how sessions, process groups, processes and threads all hang together in Linux. This description is pretty clear, there are plenty of others on the net. I keep forgetting what’s the main feature of … Continue reading

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Integer sizes in C on 32 bit and 64 bit Linux

Q: How big is an int, long int etc. in C? A: It depends. (The standard leaves it completely up to the compiler, which also means the same compiler can make it depend on options and target architecture.) In practice … Continue reading

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Access control lists in Linux

Well, I have seem them some 20 years ago in AIX. Access control lists (ACLs) for Unix/Linux files. At least they existed, but I have never seen them used. I have used Linux for quite some while and it has … Continue reading

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udisks tells everything about disks

If you wonder any kind of technical detail of you disk drives (magnetical, optical or also USB mass storage) in Linux udisk is your friend. The command udisks –dump tells a lot. Technically udisks is not Linux (as in kernel), … Continue reading

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